A Simple Trick To Regain Your Cool When You’ve Lost It

The Challenge: Sometimes we get all fired up with anger or frustration.The Science:  Using the breath and the “self-distancing” strategy can help us quickly regain our cool.The Solution: Try these powerful techniques the next time you’re in a “hot” situation. Whether it is Mel Gibson ranting when stopped by the police, Alec Baldwin assaulting paparazzi, or Chris Brown getting into bar brawls, being a celebrity […]

A Paleo Diet For The Mind

The Challenge: Obesity and psychological disorders have been on the rise for decades. The Science: Learning from our Neanderthalian ancestors might bring a cure The Solution: Move, sleep, love, eat well, and spend time in the sunshine! Mankind is a smart bunch. We’ve learned how to build skyscrapers as high as mountains; we can travel to any place […]

This One Shift Will Change The Way You See Yourself (& Others!)

The Challenge: We often assume our abilities and behaviors cannot (or are too hard to) be changed.The Science: You are, indeed, capable of change! It’s all about the way we look at it!The Solution: Cultivating a growth mindset can create positive change and new opportunities in your life! We are often taught from a young age, and through […]

A Simple Solution To Quit Sweating The Small Stuff

The Challenge: We know we’re not supposed to sweat the small stuff…but we can’t help it!The Science: Practicing loving-kindness meditation can help us deal with everyday stress.The Solution: Here is the art & science of loving-kindness meditation! The other day, after a long day at work, I found this note tucked into my windshield wiper: Please learn to park in […]

How To Find Inner Inspiration From Your Childhood Memories

The Challenge: At low points in our lives, we lose morale and inspiration. The Science: Childhood memories re-inspire us. The Solution: Conscious recreation of our childhood memories can bring us back on the right track. Do you remember waking up in the morning as a child and just being excited to be alive? At every […]

20 Science-Based Reasons To Make Meditation Your New Year’s Resolution

The Challenge: Stress, work, and life challenges can get the best of us.The Science: Research shows that meditation is linked to a host of benefits, from happiness to health!The Solution: Meditate to feel calmer, happier, healthier, more productive, and more in charge. Are you trying to find a New Year’s Resolution that’s really worth it? How about one […]

5 Ways To Use Gratitude To Improve Your Attitude (And Health!)

The Challenge: Sometimes, we get stuck focusing on what’s wrong or what we’re missing, overlooking all that we do have that makes life great.The Science: Feelings of gratitude increase physical and mental well-being.The Solution: Boost your happiness and health by using these strategies to experience more gratitude in your daily life! In our fast-paced, competitive culture, we tend […]

Hooked? Top 3 Tools To Overcoming Addiction

The Challenge: We get hooked and addicted to anything from chocolate to shopping.The Science: Research has discovered little-known tools to get us un-hooked.The Solution: Here are 3 secrets to a happier life and freedom from addiction. Most of us are addicted to something, be it drugs, alcohol, Iphones, Candy Crush, lattes, Facebook, or porn. The same chemical processes occur […]

Disconnect To Connect: Stop Letting Technology Run Your Life!

The Problem: We’ve become hyperdependent on our phones.   The Science: Technology can have a negative impact on our well-being. The Solution: Here’s how to set good boundaries with your tech. Have you ever had a friend or colleague who just can’t seem to put their phone down?  Are you that person?  Today, our phones and computers […]

Can’t Meditate? Here’s Why You Should Try Art!

The Challenge: We all have moments when we feel overwhelmed by our emotions.The Science: Creating art leads to surprising benefits for body and mind.The Solution: Make time for creativity to significantly improve your life! Why Art is a Guarantee to Sanity Many of us have heard about the benefits of meditation but sometimes find it hard to do […]