Want To Boost Your Joy? Science Says “Share It!”

The Challenge: Good things happen to us daily, but we let small things get us down.The Science: A well-kept secret to increasing our joy lies in the simple act of sharing it!The Solution: Learn how to share your bliss to give it a boost! Positive experiences happen to us every day yet most of us don’t know how […]

The Best Kept Secret Of Highly Effective Leaders (And Presidents)

The Problem: Leaders sometimes find themselves leading a divided organization or country. The Science: There is one skill that can help any organization thrive. The Solution: If a leader is compassionate, s/he can unite people and move forward effectively. President-elect Trump wrote in The Midas Touch “Unite to win. Divide to conquer.” He conquered the Electoral College to become President […]

How To Celebrate People The Right Way

The Challenge: We often use praise to uplift or thank others.The Science: However, if we do it the wrong way, we can actually harm them!The Solution: Learn to give the right kind of praise. Praise is a wonderful way to show our love and appreciation for others. However, did you know that some kinds of praise are not helpful and […]

Boost Your Relationship Bliss With One Simple Trick

The Problem: Over time, the “love of our life” starts to lose his (or her) charm (and even become annoying).The Science: Gratitude is an antidote to this phenomenon!The Solution: A simple 3-minute gratitude exercise can help your relationship thrive! Gratitude or How to Make Your Relationship Thrive Anyone who has been in a long-term relationship can start to […]

6 Tech Tips To Avoid The Facebook Funk

The Challenge: We love tech and social media, but sometimes it makes us feel blue.The Science: Research suggests there are 6 major ways in which this happens.The Solution: Avoid these 6 tech traps to ensure that you can use technology AND maintain your bliss! Does texting or using Facebook and Twitter to connect with others make you feel […]

The #1 Secret To An Amazing Relationship

The Challenge: Everyone wants an amazing relationship.The Science: Surprisingly, a lack of alone time is the partners’ greatest complaint.The Solution: Here’s how to thrive together by spending time apart. Do you think the more time you spend with your partner, the better your relationship will be? You may be wrong.  Unexpectedly, the biggest complaint of relationship partners is a […]

Three Little Secrets To Rekindle The Spark In Your Relationship

The Challenge: In relationships, it is easy to take our partners for granted and for excitement to fade away.The Science: You can rekindle that spark of magic!The Solution: Learn how to be Positive, Interested in, and Grateful for your partner. Sting famously sang: “If you love someone, set them free.” Psychology adds: “…and be a PIG.” PIG stands for Positive, Interested, and Grateful (I got you […]

Master The Art Of Fighting To Build A Happier Relationship

The Challenge: Relationships can be either our biggest source of happiness or discontent. The Science: Fighting risks your emotional and physical health, not to mention the relationship you cherish. The Solution: You can build a better, happier relationship with these simple steps! Romantic relationships can be one of the biggest contributors to our personal happiness. We all benefit from being in […]

My Hand On It: How Touch Can Make You More Persuasive

The Challenge: We sometimes have a hard time communicating or connecting with othersThe Science: A light touch on the shoulder or hand makes people more likely to collaborate with youThe Solution: Appropriate moments of touch can make you more persuasive When we try to convince our fellow humans of something, we habitually resort to the methods of traditional […]

5 Easy Ways To Make A Difference In Less Than 5 Minutes

The Challenge: We want to make a difference, but we just don’t have time!The Science: Making a difference is not just good for others. It’s incredibly good for us too!The Solution: Here are 5 easy ways to make a difference from your desk in under 5 minutes! We know that making a difference and helping others makes us […]