Gratitude Journaling 101: A Comprehensive & In-Depth Guide

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and positivity with the simple yet powerful practice of gratitude journaling. Journaling has been an effective and important strategy for self-development over many centuries. It can help you understand your fortunes, and thus instill more positivity in your life. With gratitude journaling, you can unlock positive emotions and great […]

A Foolproof Way To Turn Failure Into Success – Backed By Science

The Challenge: We assume we should play to our strengths to be successful.The Science: When we fail at something, we think we should do something else instead.The Solution: Here’s why! You’ve failed at something again: that date you loved didn’t lead to any follow-up calls, the project you worked so hard on was picked apart by your boss, […]

How To Stick To A Resolution For Good

The Challenge: You can’t stick to resolutions (diets, exercise regiments, a book project) you know would make you happier.The Science: You CAN make a change and transform your habits!The Solution  Follow this one snappy formula and reap huge benefits. Research shows that 50-60% of individual happiness is determined by biological factors and our life circumstances. At first, […]

5 Things Buddy The Elf (& Science) Can Teach Us About Smiling

The Challenge: We are all looking for love, a longer life, and less stress.The Science: There is one easy thing to do proven to yield all these results.The Solution: Learn a lesson from Buddy the Elf and make smiling your favorite. In the movie Elf, Will Ferrell plays Buddy, one of Santa’s helpers who is trying to uncover his […]

Joy On Demand: The Trainability Of Happiness

The Challenge: Happiness can seem fleeting at times.The Science: The key to lasting joy is to find it beyond the pleasure of the senses or the ego.The Solution: Check out this excerpt from Joy on Demand for tips on how to access joy without stimulation!  There was a man who had a skin condition that made his skin itch all the […]

Happiness At Work: Get A Big Boost From Small Frequent Pleasures

The Challenge: We get used to what we have and start taking it for granted–so we’re less happy.  The Science: New research suggests we can prolong happy experiences, even at work.The Solution: The trick lies in small, frequent pleasures. One of the more distressing facts about human nature is that we are not particularly good at staying happy […]

7 Science-Backed Reasons Why Laughing Is So Good For You

The Challenge: Some days can get so tough that we forget to laugh.The Science: Research finds that laughter has surprising benefits for our well-being.The Solution: Find opportunities to laugh out loud every day!  I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose. ~Woody Allen Everyone enjoys a good laugh, but who actually makes time for it in […]

5 Ways Finally To Stop Negative Thinking

The Challenge: Negative thinking can limit our potential and stand in the way of our goals. The Science: The human brain has evolved to focus on anything stressful, making us all the more vigilant when it comes to negative stimuli.  The Solution: Simple strategies such as identifying negative thoughts and meditating can weaken the power of negative thinking. […]

13 Ways Thanksgiving Seriously Boosts Your Health

The Challenge: Thanksgiving can feel like an over-indulgence or even stressful.The Science: Researchers have found that Thanksgiving is extraordinarily healthful!The Solution: Here are 13 ways Thanksgiving can significantly boost your health & happiness! Thanksgiving and the holidays come along – for some, it involves stressful family times or travel; for others, it’s a time of celebration; for others, […]

New Neuroscience Reveals 4 Rituals That Will Make You Happy

The Problem: Everyone has an opinion about how to become more happy. The Science: Scientists who study the brain have something to say you haven’t heard before! The Solution: Here’s a snip-it of an Eric Barker original post: Read until the end to find out how you can get more! You get all kinds of happiness advice on […]