4 Tricks You Actually Want To Play On Your Mind

The Problem: Life can dish out a lot of challenges that impede our progress. The Science: Science shows that visualization can help you overcome your obstacles. The Solution: Don’t be your own worst enemy; envision your best self and future to make them a reality. Are you having trouble reaching that dream goal? Surviving a stressful week? Or […]

The Simple Habit That Can Cure Chronic Headaches For Good

The Challenge: Many US Americans suffer from migraines, which means lost workdays, missed social activities, etc.The Science: Research shows that regular meditation practice can reduce migraine frequency intensity and prevent them from recurring.The Solution: Implement a short, daily meditation practice and ditch your Rx for good! Often caused by genes or stress, migraines are so common that US […]

How Trauma Can Actually Help You And Others

The Challenge: When we go through trauma, we might feel like the damage will last forever. The Science: Trauma can actually help us grow and in turn help others with similar tragedies. The Solution: Embrace all your experiences as you propel yourself into even better ones. At one point or another in our lives, we […]

Breaking News: How The Morning News Affects Our Wellbeing

The Challenge: Especially in the past few months, we have been inundated with tragedy and conflict on the news. The Science: Research shows that watching the news has an effect on how we approach our lives and our well-being.The Solution: For healthy news-watching, start your day off by not turning on the news. A defining feature of our round-the-clock […]

One Surprisingly Easy Way To Get Through Hard Times

The Challenge: Life is challenging, and we don’t always know how to deal with it.The Science: Writing and journaling can help you cope, develop new perspectives, and neutralize the intensity of some emotions.The Solution: Try these writing tips for greater well-being and insight. Last summer I was involved in a freak rope swing accident. I broke multiple bones […]

How To Conquer Self-Criticism For Greater Happiness

The Challenge: We expect ourselves to be perfect and we get down on ourselves when we’re not.The Science: Self-criticism actually makes us feel and perform even worse.The Solution: The astonishing science of self-compassion shows that it boosts our well-being and success! Are you highly self-critical? Do you beat yourself up over failures? Do you work too much and […]

4 Ways To Control Your Mood With Nothing But A Pen

The Challenge: We all want to feel good, but sometimes it’s a challenge.The Science: Grabbing a pen and writing may be the fastest and easiest way to do so!The Solution: Try these unique writing exercises to make a huge difference in your day. “I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is […]

The One And Only Stress Management Intervention You Will Ever Need

The Challenge: We have so much going on, and it can be difficult for us to manage our stress…The Science: The impact of stress depends on how you think about stress.The Solution: Adopting the “stress-is-enhancing” mindset is a powerful way to deal with stress! Nearly a third of Americans rate their average stress levels as extreme. No wonder a Google search of […]

6 Ways Your Living Space Affects Your Happiness

The Challenge: Our living environment can greatly impact our mood.The Science: We can make specific living space choices that boost our happiness.The Solution: Try these 6 tips to make your home a place you can feel at home in! There’s no greater feeling than walking through the front door of your home after a long day. However, did […]

How Silence Can Help You Live Life Out Loud

The Challenge: It can be very difficult to sit in silence or to be alone.The Science: Silence, like meditation, can increase self-awareness and self-acceptanceThe Solution: Try sitting in silence during various parts of your day–and breathe! You’re likely aware of the many benefits of meditation. Research shows that it increases positive emotion and life satisfaction, reduces pain and inflammation, increases […]