5 Things Buddy The Elf (& Science) Can Teach Us About Smiling

The Challenge: We are all looking for love, a longer life, and less stress.The Science: There is one easy thing to do proven to yield all these results.The Solution: Learn a lesson from Buddy the Elf and make smiling your favorite. In the movie Elf, Will Ferrell plays Buddy, one of Santa’s helpers who is trying to uncover his […]

10 Foolproof Tricks To Make You More Persuasive

The Challenge: Whether at home or at work, we all face situations when we need to persuade.The Science: Decades of research shows that how you express yourself makes a big differenceThe Solution: Follow these ten evidence-based techniques to bring people over to your side. Want to ask someone out on a date? Are you trying to convince the boss you […]

The One Thing Happy People Do Differently

The Challenge: Negative events create powerful memories that can make us unhappy.The Science: How we think about our lives influences how happy we are.The Solution: Here’s how to change your perspective for lasting happiness & resilience! Have you ever noticed that some memories are just more powerful than others? More often than not, these memories are negative. Perhaps […]

How To Bounce Back From Rejection Like Michael Jordan

The Challenge: Rejection hurts like hell.The Science: To our brains, rejection feels just like physical pain.The Solution: Here’s the key to bouncing back in the face of rejection. Have you been shot down by your longtime crush? Perhaps you were informed you didn’t get that dream job?  Maybe you were even told you couldn’t sit at the cool […]

4 Science-Based Secrets To Getting Lucky

The Challenge: Luck can play a huge role in our everyday lives.The Science: There are four simple ways to attract good fortune.The Solution: Learn how to boost your luck – it’s in your own hands! Do you consider yourself a superstitious person? Do you carry around a rabbit’s foot or have a lucky pair of socks that you are […]