Want Long-Term Happiness? Make Sure You’re Looking In The Right Place!

The Challenge: We’re all looking for happiness – but why are we not happy?The Science: The secret to long-term fulfillment lies in seeking the right type of happiness.The Solution: Including eudaimonic happiness in our lives will ensure long-lasting well-being. What’s the best way to reach happiness? Many of us have no clue. In fact, we may not often experience happiness […]

A Paleo Diet For The Mind

The Challenge: Obesity and psychological disorders have been on the rise for decades. The Science: Learning from our Neanderthalian ancestors might bring a cure The Solution: Move, sleep, love, eat well, and spend time in the sunshine! Mankind is a smart bunch. We’ve learned how to build skyscrapers as high as mountains; we can travel to any place […]

How To Find Inner Inspiration From Your Childhood Memories

The Challenge: At low points in our lives, we lose morale and inspiration. The Science: Childhood memories re-inspire us. The Solution: Conscious recreation of our childhood memories can bring us back on the right track. Do you remember waking up in the morning as a child and just being excited to be alive? At every […]

The Secret To Overcoming Trauma

The Challenge: Addressing past trauma is a difficult, dreaded, and often avoided process. The Science: New studies show that certain mindfulness practices can be a powerful tool for overcoming trauma. The Solution: Check out some of the techniques explored below to empower yourself over traumatic experiences! Trauma occurs in all of our lives at some point. It can present in the […]

40 Simple & Effective Tips To Find Joy Every Day

The Challenge: We get so busy we forget how to access joy.The Science: Research shows there are countless ways to make a difference in our days!The Solution: Here are 40 simple tips to help bring the bounce back in your step. Joy is what makes life beautiful. It’s what gets us through challenges and allows light to illuminate […]

Hooked? Top 3 Tools To Overcoming Addiction

The Challenge: We get hooked and addicted to anything from chocolate to shopping.The Science: Research has discovered little-known tools to get us un-hooked.The Solution: Here are 3 secrets to a happier life and freedom from addiction. Most of us are addicted to something, be it drugs, alcohol, Iphones, Candy Crush, lattes, Facebook, or porn. The same chemical processes occur […]

5 Ways Hope Improves Your Success

The Challenge: We all want to find inner peace and perform at our best – how can we do it?The Science: Hope is a little-known secret to getting ahead and improving well-being!The Solution: Implementing a hopeful mindset in life gives you 5 serious advantages! Psychologists have proposed lots of different vehicles to success over the years. Grit, conscientiousness, […]

The Secret To Dealing With Workplace Narcissists

The Challenge: Narcissistic bosses in the workplace are often a nightmare for employees The Science: Studies show that narcissists hurt employees and create havoc within organizations The Solution: To increase your success in dealing with narcissists, follow the suggestions below. Many of us have had the challenging if not traumatic experience of dealing with narcissists in our personal lives or at work. They can create […]

The 4 Best Tricks For Dealing With Difficult Co-Workers

The Challenge: Toxic people in the workplace are detrimental to our health and wellbeing The Science: Research supports using mindfulness as a way to deal with difficult colleagues The Solution: Apply mindfulness strategically to combat the effects of toxic people. We’re all familiar with the scenario: an angry colleague starts an angry rant and ends up affecting our mood and productivity […]