3 Powerful Sleep Hacks To Maximize Your Productivity

The Challenge: Lack of a good night’s sleep drastically lowers productivity The Science: Proper practices when you wake up, at mid-day, and before bed provide more energy The Solution: Minimize sleep inertia, use naps wisely, and try yogic breathing for the best results! Thomas Edison, America’s greatest inventor, famously called sleep ‘a criminal waste of time’. His idea made sense at the time. With […]

The Simple Habit That Can Cure Chronic Headaches For Good

The Challenge: Many US Americans suffer from migraines, which means lost workdays, missed social activities, etc.The Science: Research shows that regular meditation practice can reduce migraine frequency intensity and prevent them from recurring.The Solution: Implement a short, daily meditation practice and ditch your Rx for good! Often caused by genes or stress, migraines are so common that US […]

Rise & Shine! Take Control Of Your Morning And Transform Your Entire Day

The Challenge: Why do we never have enough time for all the things we need to do?The Science: Rising early to exercise, meditate, and eat healthy will drastically improve your life!The Solution: Here are 5 fulfilling reasons to wake up and transform your morning routine! For many of us, waking up early has been difficult since our parents […]

New Science Simplifies The Secret To Lasting, Fulfilling Relationships

The Problem: Lack of sleep can impair our ability to be good friends and partners. The Science: New research confirms that exhaustion limits our ability to read others’ emotions. The Solution: Try these 3 techniques to sleep better and be your best self! Do you ever feel exhausted from your day, check the clock, and see that it […]