Rise & Shine! Take Control Of Your Morning And Transform Your Entire Day

The Challenge: Why do we never have enough time for all the things we need to do?
The Science: Rising early to exercise, meditate, and eat healthy will drastically improve your life!
The Solution: Here are 5 fulfilling reasons to wake up and transform your morning routine!

For many of us, waking up early has been difficult since our parents woke us up for our first day of school. We do anything for that extra 10 minutes of delicious slumber. Before you keep tapping on the snooze button, learn how waking up early can actually make you feel more happy and successful!

1. Use Your Mornings to Beat the Fatigue and Exercise to Excellence

After work, we’re tired, and the last thing we want is to work up a sweat. So why not try to get the exercise before work? Exercising before work allows you to burn off any excess energy and helps to improve focus and attention. Studies have also revealed that simple exercise can help to alleviate depression, anxiety, and other altered mood states. As a friend of mine put it, “After a nice run, I still have the energy to do my job, but I lack the energy for distractions!”

2. Harmonize your day with Mindful Meditation

Meditation has numerous amounts of health benefits, both physical and mental. Meditation creates lower blood pressure and increases serotonin production. These benefits lead to decreased stress-induced conditions like headaches, depression, and weakened immune systems.

The Brain Research Bulletin published a study detailing how meditation increases the production of alpha waves in the frontal cortex. What does that mean? Alpha waves promote healing and reduce strong reactions to stimuli. So you’ll create that fresh feeling in the morning that we love! Meditate in the morning to let old thoughts settle and make room for a new positive flow of your mind. Yoga is also continually growing in popularity in the West and for good reason. Exercise and meditation in one!

3. Nurture your Body with a Balanced Breakfast

How often do you find yourself up with just enough time to take a shower, drink your coffee, and bolt out the door?  The time to have a healthy breakfast of fruits and grains was left behind with each tap of the snooze button.

Did you know breakfast primes your metabolism and sets the pace for each day? An early rise with a nourishing meal will improve your concentration, mood, and performance throughout the rest of your day. For simple recipes go here: Organic, It’s Worth It. My personal favorite is oatmeal, mango, and honey, which takes less than 10 minutes!

4. Satisfy Your Passion with this Extra Time

Ernest Hemingway once said, “I write every morning as soon after first light as possible. There is no one to disturb you and it is cool or cold and you come to your work and warm as you write.” In the modern day world where work takes up more time than any other aspect of life, the modern 40+ hour worker often lacks time for a passion outside of work. If there are kids involved, this time is even less. The morning is the time that allows you the solace to work on your novel, music album, or whatever activity you crave but lack the minutes in your schedule. Birds and the early rays of the sun make for happy morning companions.

5. Take this Time to Organize your Life

US Navy Admiral William H. McCraven gave a commencement speech stating that the road to success begins with making your bed each and every morning. By making your bed, you’ve accomplished the day’s first task. Build upon this success by taking time each morning to organize your time. The huge benefit of being prepared is not to become stressed as the day unfolds.

Thomas Edison said, “The first 40 hours of a week are for survival. Everything after that is for success.” By starting off with an exercise and eating a balanced breakfast, you’ve oiled and tuned your mind to cruise through the day smoothly.

Dillon Read
Dillon Read is a seasoned world traveler who is passionate about studying cultural growth, languages, and political forces that bring the world together in new ways of thought. He received his Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Global Health from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During his studies he took his first steps in yoga and meditation which has now grown into a daily practice. He currently lives off the coast of Brazil where he teaches English and is learning about Brazilian culture. Over the next few years Dillon plans on spending significant time around the world where he plans to learn more about intercultural communication and the various academic and spiritual benefits of creating a global community. Never one to waste time, when he isn’t writing or teaching English, Dillon satisfies his thirst for adventure with rock climbing, horseback riding, and learning to surf.
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