Got Weaknesses? Good! Research Shows They’re A Sure Sign Of Talent

The Challenge: Many people resent their weaknesses and spend much of their lives in shame.The Science: Research shows that with every strength is a weakness and with every weakness there are strengths.  The Solution: Embrace your struggles because the other side of it is a strength. Most of us feel ashamed of what we believe […]

3 Epic Ways To Eliminate Stress And Get Happy — Fast!

The Challenge: Healthy habits are a long-term investment; feeling better in the now is a challenge The Science: Studies show that yogic breathing and increased water intake can improve mood The Solution: Incorporate these three tips for the mind, body, and spirit to boost your happiness! Your body feels achy, you have trouble concentrating at work, and you inexplicably snap […]

The Science Of How To Boost Your Confidence (And Success!)

The Challenge: When faced with a challenge, self-doubt can get in our way.The Science: Confidence is as important as competence in achieving our goals.The Solution: Confidence can be learned and cultivated! Here’s how. The things that make us the most fulfilled in life can sometimes be the most daunting: A big interview that may lead to an incredible […]

A Paleo Diet For The Mind

The Challenge: Obesity and psychological disorders have been on the rise for decades. The Science: Learning from our Neanderthalian ancestors might bring a cure The Solution: Move, sleep, love, eat well, and spend time in the sunshine! Mankind is a smart bunch. We’ve learned how to build skyscrapers as high as mountains; we can travel to any place […]

The Secret To Overcoming Trauma

The Challenge: Addressing past trauma is a difficult, dreaded, and often avoided process. The Science: New studies show that certain mindfulness practices can be a powerful tool for overcoming trauma. The Solution: Check out some of the techniques explored below to empower yourself over traumatic experiences! Trauma occurs in all of our lives at some point. It can present in the […]

20 Science-Based Reasons To Make Meditation Your New Year’s Resolution

The Challenge: Stress, work, and life challenges can get the best of us.The Science: Research shows that meditation is linked to a host of benefits, from happiness to health!The Solution: Meditate to feel calmer, happier, healthier, more productive, and more in charge. Are you trying to find a New Year’s Resolution that’s really worth it? How about one […]