9 Reasons Dancing (Even When Nobody’s Looking!) Can Save Your Day

The Challenge: A lot of people (especially men) do not like to dance.The Science: Just 5 minutes of listening to music and moving fosters well-being.The Solution: Get up and dance (even in the office)! It’s so good for you! If you spend time on Facebook a lot, there´s a good chance you will recently have come across one of […]

8 Quick Ways To Replenish Yourself At Work

The Challenge: Maintaining a high energy level over the workday is of key importance for success.The Science: Research studies show that many people employ dysfunctional strategies to recharge their batteries.The Solution: Check out these 8 strategies for replenishment that actually work. Most of us know these days: You´re rushing from one meeting to another, squeezing […]

How Trauma Can Actually Help You And Others

The Challenge: When we go through trauma, we might feel like the damage will last forever. The Science: Trauma can actually help us grow and in turn help others with similar tragedies. The Solution: Embrace all your experiences as you propel yourself into even better ones. At one point or another in our lives, we […]

My Hand On It: How Touch Can Make You More Persuasive

The Challenge: We sometimes have a hard time communicating or connecting with othersThe Science: A light touch on the shoulder or hand makes people more likely to collaborate with youThe Solution: Appropriate moments of touch can make you more persuasive When we try to convince our fellow humans of something, we habitually resort to the methods of traditional […]

A Paleo Diet For The Mind

The Challenge: Obesity and psychological disorders have been on the rise for decades. The Science: Learning from our Neanderthalian ancestors might bring a cure The Solution: Move, sleep, love, eat well, and spend time in the sunshine! Mankind is a smart bunch. We’ve learned how to build skyscrapers as high as mountains; we can travel to any place […]