5 Science-Backed Reasons To Go Off The Grid

The Challenge: Technology is helpful but addictive. The Science: Stepping away from your device does a favor for your well-being. The Solution: Take time away from tech. Go outside instead! Would you rather go a day without your phone or receive an electric shock? It seems counterintuitive, but studies show that people would take the shocks rather than give up […]

The Hidden Energy Of Meaningful Connection At Work

The Challenge: Workplaces have become a place of transaction devoid of human moments. The Science: Brief, meaningful moments of connection significantly improve the culture. The Solution:  Making room for compassion and vulnerability at work boosts productivity. Which of the following best describes your situation? My job is… a)   Rewarding b)   Okay c)   Slowly crushing my soul […]

The Scientific Secret To Permanent Stress Reduction

The Challenge: Even as more of us are aware of its dangers, stress is more prevalent than ever The Science: Unlike many practices that often take time to implement, simple dietary choices can result in immediate stress-reduction The Solution: Consuming less animal-based food can majorly decrease stress and improve mood. Every day, research seems to uncover new, ever-more unsettling ways that chronically […]

A Critical Care Surgeon’s 4 Secrets To Balance & Success

The Challenge: It’s hard not to feel drained at the end of the dayThe Science: If you learn to unplug the right way, you can recharge yourself easilyThe Solution: A critical care surgeon’s 4 secrets to recharging  One of the biggest problems we face in today’s society is that our work is an increasingly large […]

The Secret To Dealing With Workplace Narcissists

The Challenge: Narcissistic bosses in the workplace are often a nightmare for employees The Science: Studies show that narcissists hurt employees and create havoc within organizations The Solution: To increase your success in dealing with narcissists, follow the suggestions below. Many of us have had the challenging if not traumatic experience of dealing with narcissists in our personal lives or at work. They can create […]