Got Weaknesses? Good! Research Shows They’re A Sure Sign Of Talent

The Challenge: Many people resent their weaknesses and spend much of their lives in shame.The Science: Research shows that with every strength is a weakness and with every weakness there are strengths.  The Solution: Embrace your struggles because the other side of it is a strength. Most of us feel ashamed of what we believe […]

How To Conquer Self-Criticism For Greater Happiness

The Challenge: We expect ourselves to be perfect and we get down on ourselves when we’re not.The Science: Self-criticism actually makes us feel and perform even worse.The Solution: The astonishing science of self-compassion shows that it boosts our well-being and success! Are you highly self-critical? Do you beat yourself up over failures? Do you work too much and […]

3 Words To Maximize Your Performance Under Pressure

The Challenge: Pressurized situations often diminish our ability to perform as well as we would like. The Science: Breathing can be used to modulate our stress response. The Solution: Maximize your ability to perform under pressure with these breathing tips Picture the scenario. You’re in a lobby trying to ignore the seemingly deafening tick of a […]