How To Be As Happy As You Appear On Facebook

The Challenge: We love social media (e.g., Facebook), but sometimes it can make us feel like crap (not as beautiful/successful/loved as our friends).The Science: Consistent Facebook use may actually lead to greater unhappiness.The Solution: Here’s a trick for enjoying social media without getting the blues! Until recently, I’ve always worked a job that involved social media. While managing […]

How To Stay Sane On Social Media In 3 Simple Steps

The Problem: Social media is omnipresent in our society but is not really representative of reality. The Science: Research has shown that social media can harm your well-being if you take it too seriously. The Solution: Re-evaluate your relationships with your social media accounts with these 3 tips! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…pick your poison. All of these sites have […]

Disconnect To Connect: Stop Letting Technology Run Your Life!

The Problem: We’ve become hyperdependent on our phones.   The Science: Technology can have a negative impact on our well-being. The Solution: Here’s how to set good boundaries with your tech. Have you ever had a friend or colleague who just can’t seem to put their phone down?  Are you that person?  Today, our phones and computers […]