6 Reasons To Stop Saying You’re ‘Busy’

The Challenge: Everyone always complains about how ‘busy’ they are!The Science: We’re actually happier when we have a lot going on, but using the word ‘busy’ may make us less connected and happy.The Solution: Cut ‘busy’ from your vocabulary and you may already feel less stressed! A study in the Journal of Psychological Science shows that we’re much happier […]

3 Proven Strategies To Stop Procrastinating For Good

The Challenge: We procrastinate, put things off, and don’t get things done!The Science: Our willpower is limited. But there is another way!The Solution: 3 science-backed ways to end procrastination for good! Did you ever find yourself facing an important assignment, but somehow, you just couldn’t get yourself motivated to start working on it?  Time goes by, days turn […]