How To Thrive In Hard Times

The Challenge: We all face difficult and even traumatic moments.The Science: Research shows these moments can lead to growth.The Solution: If you approach the situation in the right way, a challenge can help you thrive. Most people have heard of post-traumatic stress. Yet, beyond the medical community, few are aware of the evidence of post-traumatic growth. It may seem […]

How Trauma Can Actually Help You And Others

The Challenge: When we go through trauma, we might feel like the damage will last forever. The Science: Trauma can actually help us grow and in turn help others with similar tragedies. The Solution: Embrace all your experiences as you propel yourself into even better ones. At one point or another in our lives, we […]

Why Physical Fitness Doesn’t Confer Well-Being

The Challenge: Despite elite fitness, many athletes & trainers still struggle with health issues The Science: Research suggests that fitness-focused diets can bear serious adverse effects The Solution: Altering diet in the ways suggested below will help confer both fitness and health! When Bob Harper, famous for his long-standing work on The Biggest Loser and widely regarded as amongst the […]

How To Bounce Back From Rejection Like Michael Jordan

The Challenge: Rejection hurts like hell.The Science: To our brains, rejection feels just like physical pain.The Solution: Here’s the key to bouncing back in the face of rejection. Have you been shot down by your longtime crush? Perhaps you were informed you didn’t get that dream job?  Maybe you were even told you couldn’t sit at the cool […]

This One Shift Will Change The Way You See Yourself (& Others!)

The Challenge: We often assume our abilities and behaviors cannot (or are too hard to) be changed.The Science: You are, indeed, capable of change! It’s all about the way we look at it!The Solution: Cultivating a growth mindset can create positive change and new opportunities in your life! We are often taught from a young age, and through […]

The 4 Best Tricks For Dealing With Difficult Co-Workers

The Challenge: Toxic people in the workplace are detrimental to our health and wellbeing The Science: Research supports using mindfulness as a way to deal with difficult colleagues The Solution: Apply mindfulness strategically to combat the effects of toxic people. We’re all familiar with the scenario: an angry colleague starts an angry rant and ends up affecting our mood and productivity […]