3 Secrets To Happiness That Don’t Require Money

The Problem: We seem to think that money can buy us happiness. The Science: Satisfaction from hedonic spending and consumption is fleeting. The Solution: Give more (of anything!) to others. In this time and age, money seems to have an influence on every aspect of our lives. Social media is full of ads for shopping hauls, shiny new […]

Want To Be As Happy As The Danes? Find 3 Ways Here!

The Challenge: We all want more happiness but are we limiting ourselves by looking for an American brand of happiness?The Science: Denmark has been voted as one of the happiest countries in the world for over forty years in a row. What’s their secret?The Solution: Find 3 tips for being happy like a Dane. Denmark, a small country […]

The One Communication Skill That Will Improve All Of Your Relationships

The Challenge: Communication makes or breaks a relationship.The Science: It’s not just how you respond in the bad times but also in the good times.The Solution: Here’s a science-based communication trick for awesome relationships! We don’t always know how to connect with others in the most effective way. Relationships are an important component of a thriving life. But […]