Got Big Dreams? Here’s The Science Of How To Make Them Come True!

The Challenge: Fantasies are awesome but how can we make them come true?The Science: Indulging in fantasies makes us feel good but can keep us from them.The Solution: Here’s how to turn your fantasies into reality. You want something, and you want it now. The fancy car, the million dollars, that hot date with your crush, or that […]

3 Proven Strategies To Stop Procrastinating For Good

The Challenge: We procrastinate, put things off, and don’t get things done!The Science: Our willpower is limited. But there is another way!The Solution: 3 science-backed ways to end procrastination for good! Did you ever find yourself facing an important assignment, but somehow, you just couldn’t get yourself motivated to start working on it?  Time goes by, days turn […]