Interview With Scott Barry Kaufman

In celebration of Fulfillment Daily’s one-year anniversary, we are launching a new “People” section. Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD is one of Fulfillment Daily’s talented science journalists. A positive psychologist and creativity expert as well as Scientific Director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Imagination Institute in the Positive Psychology Center, he shares with us his secrets to a fulfilled life.

What 3 things or experiences bring you the greatest sense of fulfillment in life?

  • Getting silly with my close friends who accept me for who I am.
  • Reading a juicy book on my bed late at night.
  • Pushing myself at the gym.

What are the small things you do every day to be happy/fulfilled?

I am my most fulfilled during the day when I feel as though I’ve made a thoughtful contribution to the world, made people feel good about themselves, and eaten healthy.

People often find they don’t have enough time. How do you make time for those?

I do wish there were many more hours in the day! I’ve had to really learn how to prioritize. I focus intensely on the most urgent tasks during the week and leave weekends to complete more personal tasks that are on the back burner.

What health habits do you stick to no matter what?

None! I’m human, so I don’t stick to anything no matter what. But I’ve been trying to get to the gym regularly and cut out carbs from my diet.

What’s your best relationship tip?

Take your ego out of it, and keep an open heart and mind.

You seem to balance both happiness and success. What’s your secret to happy productivity?

Thanks! But just like anyone else, I can feel sad at times. Interestingly, I find I feel most fulfilled in life when I feel productive. So perhaps my “secret” is just diving into projects no matter how I’m feeling, and trust that once I get into flow at some point in the process, I’ll boost my happiness and fulfillment. It seems to happen every time I put in that effort.

What – in your opinion – is the best way to spread happiness and fulfillment to others?

I try to live by example. I think the more we can each inspire others to live a meaningful life, the more our own lives will feel meaningful.

What is a quote you live by?

We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever; the goal is to create something that will.— Chuck Palahniuk

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