Why You Should Step Away From Work And Onto A Yoga Mat

The Challenge: Stress, injury, and illness keep us out of work or make it difficult for us to concentrate on the task at hand.The Science: Practicing yoga has been shown to help manage physical and psychological symptoms.The Solution: Integrate yoga into your day with these helpful resources to boost your health and happiness! I have five minutes before […]

13 Ways Thanksgiving Seriously Boosts Your Health

The Challenge: Thanksgiving can feel like an over-indulgence or even stressful.The Science: Researchers have found that Thanksgiving is extraordinarily healthful!The Solution: Here are 13 ways Thanksgiving can significantly boost your health & happiness! Thanksgiving and the holidays come along – for some, it involves stressful family times or travel; for others, it’s a time of celebration; for others, […]

A Simple Solution To Quit Sweating The Small Stuff

The Challenge: We know we’re not supposed to sweat the small stuff…but we can’t help it!The Science: Practicing loving-kindness meditation can help us deal with everyday stress.The Solution: Here is the art & science of loving-kindness meditation! The other day, after a long day at work, I found this note tucked into my windshield wiper: Please learn to park in […]

Too Much On Your Plate? How Coloring Mandalas Can Create Balance In Your Life

The Challenge: Our fast-paced lives leave us feeling stressed and anxious, even when the workday is over.The Science: Coloring mandalas is a simple technique to ground us at the moment, de-clutter our minds, and soothe our stress.The Solution: Make time in your daily schedule to ditch your cell phone and color. Life is stressful. Many of us are […]