The Definitive Benefits Of Mindful Leadership

The Challenge: Leaders determine the success of their workplace but sometimes make mistakes.The Science: Too much pressure can influence leaders to make wrong decisions.The Solution: Learn how to adopt a mindful approach and become a better leader! Most leadership books and training programs focus on how leaders can achieve more — do more, better, faster, and with spectacular […]

Why You Shouldn’t Set Goals For Success

The Challenge: Most people don’t achieve the goals they set for themselves.The Science: Research has shown that setting overly ambitious goals can have negative consequences.The Solution: Focus on intentions, positive habits, and process goals for success!  Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, was quoted as saying, “Goals are for losers—goal-oriented people exist in a state of nearly continuous failure that […]

Why The Greatest Key To Successful Leadership Is Mindfulness

The Challenge: Leaders are too busy to prioritize conversations with others.The Science: Stress, busyness, and results orientation make leaders less effective.The Solution:  Mindfulness gives leaders the edge they need to succeed. Leaders in organizations are often running full tilt from meeting to meeting, phone call to phone call, and personal conversation to personal conversation. In working with senior […]

8 Secrets To Maximizing Productivity

The Challenge: We have too much to do with too little time!The Science: Working more hours, distractions, interruptions, and technology (email) results in a decline in productivity.The Solution: Here are 8 steps to regaining control of your productivity. The most common complaint I hear from clients, colleagues, and friends is “I don’t have enough time” […]

7 Mindfulness Strategies To Manage Negative Thoughts And Emotions

The Challenge: Negative thoughts and emotions are disruptiveThe Science: Mindfulness practices help regulate our thoughts and emotions productivelyThe Solution: 7 Mindfulness strategies to help manage negative thoughts and emotions Mindfulness, a practice deeply rooted in the quest for inner peace, is a powerful tool for individuals grappling with the whirlwind of negative thoughts and emotions […]

The Secret To Dealing With Workplace Narcissists

The Challenge: Narcissistic bosses in the workplace are often a nightmare for employees The Science: Studies show that narcissists hurt employees and create havoc within organizations The Solution: To increase your success in dealing with narcissists, follow the suggestions below. Many of us have had the challenging if not traumatic experience of dealing with narcissists in our personal lives or at work. They can create […]