How To Make Things Instantly Better (In 30 Milliseconds Or Less)

The Challenge: When we’re in an argument or unhappy environment, we want to make things better but don’t know how!The Science: Humans respond physiologically and psychologically to facial expressions.The Solution: Your facial expressions (smiling!) can literally change the world around you. It happens.  You’re feeling down and need a quick pick-me-up.  Or maybe you’ve found yourself in a […]

The Science Of How To Boost Your Confidence (And Success!)

The Challenge: When faced with a challenge, self-doubt can get in our way.The Science: Confidence is as important as competence in achieving our goals.The Solution: Confidence can be learned and cultivated! Here’s how. The things that make us the most fulfilled in life can sometimes be the most daunting: A big interview that may lead to an incredible […]

5 Ways To Use Gratitude To Improve Your Attitude (And Health!)

The Challenge: Sometimes, we get stuck focusing on what’s wrong or what we’re missing, overlooking all that we do have that makes life great.The Science: Feelings of gratitude increase physical and mental well-being.The Solution: Boost your happiness and health by using these strategies to experience more gratitude in your daily life! In our fast-paced, competitive culture, we tend […]