Joy On Demand: The Trainability Of Happiness

The Challenge: Happiness can seem fleeting at times.The Science: The key to lasting joy is to find it beyond the pleasure of the senses or the ego.The Solution: Check out this excerpt from Joy on Demand for tips on how to access joy without stimulation!  There was a man who had a skin condition that made his skin itch all the […]

7 Small Ways To Seriously Boost Your Happiness In The New Year

The Challenge: We have theories about what will make us happy, but they don’t always seem to work.The Science: Research suggests that the happiness theories we live by are plain wrong.The Solution: Follow these 7 science-based tips and SERIOUSLY improve your well-being! “The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, but they make the best of everything […]

Why Taking Risks Is One Of The Greatest Keys To Living Fulfilled

The Challenge: Many of us want to live sheltered lives, but by avoiding risks, we miss out on the greatest joys.The Science: Taking risks, even if they involve failure, can help us reap greater rewards and live life more fully.The Solution: Embrace life 100%, messy, risky and and all. My friend and I have this shoe-fork theory of […]

How To Gain Happiness Without Pursuing It

The Challenge: We try too hard to make ourselves happy.The Science: Research shows that the result – ironically – is that we become less happy.The Solution: Instead of chasing happiness, learn to be present. Happiness Fever – or the Pursuit of Happiness Having lived previously in Paris and San Diego among other places, Cynthia Andros decided that it was time […]

How To Find Inner Inspiration From Your Childhood Memories

The Challenge: At low points in our lives, we lose morale and inspiration. The Science: Childhood memories re-inspire us. The Solution: Conscious recreation of our childhood memories can bring us back on the right track. Do you remember waking up in the morning as a child and just being excited to be alive? At every […]

How To Be Free From The Fire Of Desire

The Challenge: We’re caught in the fire of desire: food, sex, money…and we get caught in addiction.The Science: Desire is an incredibly powerful physiological phenomenon, yet it can also burn us out.The Solution: Follow 4 simple tips to enjoy desire and pleasure without getting caught in their frenzy! Why do we love the chase? What is so intriguingly […]