How To Thrive In Hard Times

The Challenge: We all face difficult and even traumatic moments.The Science: Research shows these moments can lead to growth.The Solution: If you approach the situation in the right way, a challenge can help you thrive. Most people have heard of post-traumatic stress. Yet, beyond the medical community, few are aware of the evidence of post-traumatic growth. It may seem […]

One Surprisingly Easy Way To Get Through Hard Times

The Challenge: Life is challenging, and we don’t always know how to deal with it.The Science: Writing and journaling can help you cope, develop new perspectives, and neutralize the intensity of some emotions.The Solution: Try these writing tips for greater well-being and insight. Last summer I was involved in a freak rope swing accident. I broke multiple bones […]

Too Much On Your Plate? How Coloring Mandalas Can Create Balance In Your Life

The Challenge: Our fast-paced lives leave us feeling stressed and anxious, even when the workday is over.The Science: Coloring mandalas is a simple technique to ground us at the moment, de-clutter our minds, and soothe our stress.The Solution: Make time in your daily schedule to ditch your cell phone and color. Life is stressful. Many of us are […]